Craig Davis

“I enjoyed working with Mary Jo on setting up a plan that fits me. She does a very good job of communicating & explaining different types policies to her clients. She is the type of person that looks out for her clients not someone who want to write you a...

Wallpond Farm

“We ordered the book & received it quickly. After reading we had many questions & Mary Jo was great. I wish we had done this sooner.”

A. H. Missouri

“And thank you for being an outside the box thinker. I have been SEARCHING for a “better way” for a long time. And when I saw the headline “farming without the bank”…I said to myself…this is it. Could not have been a more perfect headline to get my...

Larry A.

“What an amazing concept! In just a couple of hours I felt like I could be in control of my finances and my future! I would have paid triple for this book and its concepts.”

Larry Travnicek

“This book illustrates why I have been upside down with my finances all my life! My thinking was upside down! Banks don’t rule my life anymore and I am happy to tell people they are wrong and need to buy this book. By waiting you are wasting money.”