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Be your own banker

Take Control

Stop giving the banks an opportunity to turn you down for a loan. It’s time to do what others are not doing, control the banking function of their lives. Next time an opportunity arises you will be ready to jump on it because you will be in control – you WILL be the banker.

Gain Freedom

Give yourself permission to have the financial freedom and dreams you wanted when you started your business. Freedom to create a business like those you admire with the values that are important to you.

Plan Ahead

Don’t be rattled by the outside world during uncertain times. Have peace of mind knowing you have built a strong foundation for financial freedom today, during retirement and created a legacy for your loved ones.

Life Without the Bank

Written by the author of the Best Selling Farm Finance book, Farming Without the Bank


  • Why today’s financial planning isn’t working and leaving people broke.
  • Why you should own the bank AND be the banker.
  • A system that offers liquidity, control and guarantees.
  • A simple tried and true system that has been worked for 150+ years.
  • Why using cash has a true cost no one talks about.
  • How you can create a pool of money you have access to for any reason, without question.
    1. Many more beliefs we once thought to be truths are revealed not to be so.

    Grab this 138 page book and enjoy the journey.

    "It's easy when you stop making it so hard."

    Nate B., Without The Bank Customer

    Meet Mary Jo


    It was never my intent to teach the world about the Infinite Banking Concept much less write two books. However, sometimes in life things find you and in the 2008 the stock market crash lead me to the Infinite Banking Concept. Even before 2008, I was never happy with investing and giving up access to my money let alone the risk. 

    When I stumbled across this I was pretty sure it was illegal and everyone was going to jail. However, it intrigued enough to read six books in five weeks on the subject. I was amazed at what I found, how could this be legal? Even the state insurance website said it was legal to borrow from a life insurance policy.

    That was all I needed, FiscalBridge, LLC was born then and there.


    What people are saying…

    “I loved the book & it put things into prospective, especially with the current events that have just happened to us. Love the book.”

    Hattie Johnson

    “Quick, easy read. Mary Jo is very knowledgeable on the subject!”

    Michelle Haught

    “Awesome book! I have read it twice! A must have for farmers & non-farmers. Change your way of thinking.”

    A. Burkhart

    “I should clarify that I am not a farmer but the way this book is written is so practical. You cannot deny that the numbers just make sense. I have read others on this subject but this one makes the details & implementation of this program so easy to follow. I believe it can be applied to any family or business.”

    Brian B.

    “I called Mary Jo and we ‘hit the ground running’ so to speak. Looking back, I know I saved myself a lot of time and headaches. My policy is doing exactly what Mary Jo said it would and it’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my financial setup.”

    Todd W.

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